We offer sharpening and grinding service for industrial blades.

We also manufacture special blades.

Sharpened and ground

Blade grinding is generally not given much attention as it is the last operation in manufacturing and is often subject to speeding up the operation to meet production schedules. In addition, in many cases the consequences are disastrous.

Grinding of tools is carried out to remove scale or scale and decarburized surfaces, or to produce specific dimensions and smooth finish or both. An unspecified requirement of grinding operations is that they must not damage the tool, which is difficult to avoid.

E2IK recommends sharpening your industrial blade with time and with a specialist, either using the appropriate abrasive or soluble method, which will allow you to obtain the best performance from the blades throughout their useful life.

Special Blades

We complete our range of industrial blades, with a wide range of special blades, for all types of applications.

The great variety of these pieces and the complexity of the cutting profiles are common for our production.

We make blades only according to the client’s plan.

Do you want a budget without commitment?